Logistech - Supply Chain Consultants
Logistech - Supply Chain Consultants
Logistech - Supply Chain Consultants

Supply chain modelling using world leading software

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Logistech is a supply chain consulting company that specialises in computer modelling and the analysis of supply chain economics. Services include: deciding on the numbers and locations of production and distribution facilities; determining how and where products should be sourced, manufactured and stored; establishing vehicle fleet requirements and transport mode and method.

We have made a major investment in world leading software. We use Supply Chain Guru® for modelling complex networks. Sophisticated cost models mean that multimodal, multi-country supply chains can be modelled with the minimum of compromise. Supply Chain Guru® allows you to design the optimum supply chain, make decisions on distribution and production facilities, optimise inventories and simulate performance.

We use the Paragon routing and scheduling system for fleet sizing studies. We have been using Paragon for over 15 years and have modelled a wide variety of transport operations across the world. Paragon schedules can be used to generate cost tables for Supply Chain Guru®, and Paragon can be used to produce vehicle resources from its results.

Although we use leading edge technology on projects, this is always applied in a pragmatic manner, and in a way that seeks to simplify and inform rather than complicate and confuse.


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Paragon Routing & Scheduling System

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Paragon Routing & Scheduling System

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Supply chain modelling using world leading software

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